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BSR ribbon mixer

                                      BSR ribbon mixer (ribbon blender)

Main Usage:

    BSR ribbon mixer is widely used in solid-solid(powder material) and solid-liquid(powder material-fluidity material) mixing in the fields of chemical industry, pharmacy, foodstuff industries.

Working Method:

     BSR series Ribbon blender is mainly comprised of mixing barrel, spiral ribbon and driven parts. The spiral ribbon is made of two layers. That is, the inner ribbon makes the material move outwards, while the external ribbon makes the material move inwards which forms a good circulation of material. Ribbon moves so circumferentially that the mixer could achieve fine mixing efficiency in a very short time.

If you are looking for dry powder mixer like spice powder mixer,protein powder blender,spice powder blender, our BSR-ribbon blender is a very good choice.


    It has a wide adaptability to mixture, it can mix viscous materials evenly  and maintain the integrity of the particles as far as possible and mix materials whose ratio difference is up to 1:1000-10000 well. This machine can make all kinds of special types such as heating, cooling, positive pressure, vacuum, etc according to users' requirements.

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