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BSNJ fruit and vegetable puree machine

Product Introduction:

BSNJ fruit and vegetable puree machine can be made into mud or finely cut, and at the same time,fresh or marinated peppers can also be made into small pieces or mash.
Blade comes with 10 pieces, the number of blades can be increased or decreased within 10 pieces.

Widely Used In:
large cartering, central kitchen, factories, large canteens for school and enterptises, catering companies,ect. 

Detailed Images:

This machine is equipped with 10 blades. and you can make an adjustment to the baldes, so that you can grind  or paste. If you want ot grind different size, you just have to decrease or increase the amount of the blades, but  you can add 14 blades totally.  

1、Before using the machine, you must read the instructions carefully, especially the safety of the machine, to prevent the machine or personnel from being injured.
2. Regularly check to make sure that the machine is working properly, and prevent possible short circuit or leakage of the equipment.
3, regular lubrication of the bearing.
4. After the work is completed, it should be cleaned in a timely manner. The power should be cut off when cleaning, and the electric control box should be waterproof.
5, when the tool is assembled and disassembled, safety precautions should be taken to prevent cutting hands.
6, grinding knife can be used to remove the knife repeatedly grinding, in the grinding process can not make the knife overheating to prevent annealing.
7. Inspect and lubricate the chain, gears and bearings every six months. Add oil to the gearbox. If there are springs, belts, and conveyor belts, check whether they are loose every quarter. If any slacks are found, adjust or replace them.

Technical Data
Boundary dimension
 Number of blades
10 pieces
14 pieces
Machine material
Blade material

1. The machines are all made of stainless steel 304, we can provide customized service for you.
2. Automatic operation with the push of a button,easy to clean and maintain.

3. Cutting size By adjusting and changing the blade, the material can be processed multiple times.

4. The grinding size can be adjusted by the changing the quality of blades.

5.Good at slicing garlic, ginger and pepper into mud and grains.
6.Contact with food parts meets international food hygiene standards.

7. Labor-saving, water-saving and power-saving.

8.Easy to operate, beautiful appearance, durable.

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