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what is the work method of BSP pulverizer set

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what is the work method of BSP pulverizer set?

BSP-350 pulverizer set is an advanced powder machine,the unit has the following advantages: stable technical performance, low noise, less consumption, high efficiency, the fineness could be adjusted, lower temperature rise, so it is very suitable for sugar, food powder, herb and spice etc.This unit is composed of crusher part, powder collecting set, convey pipe and electric control.

 cabinet.The crusher part has air classification equipment, which makes product granularity arbitrary adjustable, and can prevent the excessive crushing. Powder been crushed will be conveyed to the cyclone and dust collector by negative pressure, then discharged by discharge valve. 

     Work method

Raw material is delivered into the crush chamber by screw feed, and is cut and sheared by high speed cutters and eddy current generated by the high-frequency vibration.Due to the action of the negative pressure,the powder been crushed goes to public wheel,by grade wheel’s rotating  and  centrifugal force of the air knife,powder whose size is bigger than grade particle size will be sent back to crush chamber.Qualified powder will go to pipe and be discharged.