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BS-small hammer mill

BS-small hammer mill's application is very wide, it can be used as a small spice grinder, small chili grinder,small herb grinder and grain flour grinder...etc.

Main Usage:

    This machine is widely used in industries of medical, chemical, foodstuffetc.

Working Method:

    Target material is smashed by the cutting and grinding of high speed knives. Knife of type can be selected according to different material and size of granules.

  It can grind spices,herbs, leaf,grains,chickpea with a good effect.

  If you are looking for small chili powder grinder,spice grinder,herb grinder,grain flour grinder,spice grinding mill...etc, BS small hammer mill is the most suitble.

This machine has such advantages:

   1. Simple structure

   2. Easy installation

   3. Stable running

   4. Convenient moving

   5. Low noise

   6. High grinding efficiency

   7. High rotate speed,so it can make fine powder.

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