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BSG Cyclone dust collecting Grinding unit

Split type 


Joint type



Main Usage:

   BSG Cyclone dust collecting Grinding unit is widely used in fields of foodstuff, chemical,paint, medicine...etc.

   In foodstuff fields,it can grinding cooked soybean,sugar,salt,

cinnamon,pepper,garlic,ginger,rice,tea...etc.It is onnected with a cold air machine,it can grinding high oil content material.

Structure&working method:

   Raw material enters into the grinding chamber through the feed hopper,impacted by the high speed rotary cutter,thrown to the fixed liner,then is bounced and sheared.

   Beside the grinding chamber there is a high speed fan blade,which produces positive pressure air flow,under the force the pressure air,powder goes through the screen more quickly and be absorbed into the cyclone.

   Part of the superfine powder goes to the pulse dust collecting box,so there is no waste and no fly dust during production.

    If you are looking for Sugar powder machine,powdered sugar mill,powdered sugar grinder,Salt grinder machine,rice flour grinder...etc,BSG is very suitable.



 Main feature:

    With a fan in the crusher part,powder is self-absorbed,

    1) capacity is much bigger than traditional type,capacity is 2-3 times bigger than the traditional universal grinding machine.              

    2) temperature in the crusher chamber remains normal, material's nature   won't be changed.

   3) If has good grinding effect for crystal material like sugar, salt powder.



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