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BSDF spice grinding machine

BSDF is our lastest advanced spice powder grinding machine.

The spice pulverizing machine combines coarse crusher,middle fine milling and fine milling area (3 milling areas)together.

Material will be milled three times at the same time.

Work method:

the first crushing area can crush hard material;

The sceond milling area can grinding material with fiber or oil,like herbs,spices,roots

The third milling area is for fine powder milling, speed of it can be changed to change powder particle size.

For spices (like chili, turmeric, coriander seeds, cumin), powder can be 20~80 mesh;

For grains (like rice, cassava, chickpea, besan,wheat....etc) powder can be 20~150 mesh.

So, if you are interested in spice grinder(spice powder mill machine),our BSDF spice powder making machine is a very good choice.

1) no need screen or sieve in mill chamber, change powder particle size by changing speed;

2) Because it has no screen in mill chamber,when milling, there is no heat rising in mill chamber;

No need to worry power get stuck in the screens or product quality get affected by the heat from  the mill. That's why it is very suitable for grinding heat-sensitive material or material contains fiber or oil.

3) The mill part combines coarse crusher, middle fine mill and fine mill together, which means it can makes fine powder directly from big raw material, very effective.

4) It can save more power,  its capacity is much bigger than other same motor type traditional mill.


That is why when grinding spice,you don't need to worry spice powder get stuck on the screens. 

And when grinding cassava chips,chickpea,powder can reach 150 mesh. (finer powder than common hammer mill)

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