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what is the difference between granulated sugar berry sugar and icing sugar

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Granulated Sugar: Also known as white sugar, fine granulated sugar or even just plain sugar, unless otherwise noted, this is what you’ll typically find in sugar bowls and regular sugar packets just about everywhere. It’s a kitchen essential for your pantry, as it’s both a general purpose sweetener and a key ingredient in everything from candy making to cookies to scones to jam. The size of the granules makes them reasonably quick to dissolve into hot liquids, but less easy to stir into cold liquids. It’s also easily pourable. 

Icing Sugar: Also known as confectioner’s sugar or powdered sugar, it’s actually a combination of very finely ground granulated sugar with the addition of cornstarch, which acts as an anti-clumping agent (ie. keeps it from turning into a solid lump of sugar when humidity is present). Dissolves very quickly, but can’t be used as a straight-up replacement for other sugars due to the additional cornstarch.

Berry Sugar: Also known as superfine or caster/castor sugar, it’s a very finely ground version of granulated sugar that dissolves rapidly. It’s not as common as icing or granulated sugar, and the packages are typically much smaller than the 4 kg or 10 kg bags of granulated sugar. Not essential to have on hand, but some recipes call for it regardless. Because it’s so fine, it can dissolve more readily into liquids that are cold or lukewarm instead of hot.

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