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How to choose machine for making icing sugar

Source: Jiangyin Brightsail Machinery Date: 2017.06.07 Clicks:

About the icing sugar grinding machine(iicing sugar grinder),

here we will introduce two kinds of grinders for you.

BSU sugar universal crusher  VS  BSP sugar powder pulverizer

BSU universal crusher

BSP ultra-fine pulverizer set

needs screens

no screens

can make 12-120 mesh sugar powder

can make 60-320 mesh sugar powder

has dust during production

no dust during production

no classifier to make even powder

with the classifier to make even powder

Crusher part:

(You can click the pictures to see the introductions of grinders. )

If you want to know more about the two machines, you can click followed links.

BSU crusher:  

BSP pulverizer set: