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BS-NW160 Inner And Outer Bag Packaging Machine


The tea bag packing machine can automaticly finished the filling ,bag making, labeling thread, affixing  heated sealing ,counting  ,weighting .

Scope of Application :

slimming tea,medical tea,chooped tea leaves,tea processing food industry...

Type of packing bag:

BS - NW160 all-in-one
Sealing type
The trilateral sealing
Measuring range
3 - 10 g( 1.6 ~ 26 ml )
Inner bag size
L:50 - 70 mm      W :45 - 80 mm
Outer bag size
L:80 - 120 mm    W:75 - 95 mm
Packaging speed
30 - 40 bags / min
Overall dimension
1750mm*740mm*1950 mm
Total weight
500 kg
Total Power
AC220V/ 50Hz /3.7kw

1. It is suitable for the one-time packaging of small particles such as tea, medicinal tea, health tea, grass roots, etc. inside and outside the bag.

2. The film pulling of the inner and outer bags is controlled by a stepping motor, with stable bag length and accurate positioning.

3. Using PID to adjust the temperature controller, the temperature control is more accurate.

4. PLC is used to control the action of the whole machine, and the man-machine interface is displayed to ensure the hygiene and reliability of the product.

5. Packaging materials: tea filter paper, cotton thread, composite film and label.

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