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BSPM-F small bag automatic packing machine

BSPM-F is our small bag fully automatic filling machine, used for packing powder or granules into super small bags. It can do dosing and filling work for food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry. With automatic weighing function, different size bags can be filled. Certainly, the packing bag size has a limit, the size should be within 30-100mm in width and within 30-165mm in length.


BSPM-F small bag powder filling machine is suitable to pack both the fluidic and low-fluidity materials, like coffee powder, protein powder, solid drink, drug powder and so on.

Technical Data of BSPM-F small bag packing machine:

1.biggest Film width:300mm

2.bag size:W:30-100mm  L:30-165mm

3.Packing speed:35~65 packs/minute

4.Measure method:auger weighing

5.Sealing type:Three-side seal

6.Measure weight: 5 ~100 g


8.Power supply:1P/220V/50HZ (can be customized)

9.Machine size:1100*850*1800mm

10.Weight: 220kg


1.The machine is composed of filling equipments, dosing hopper, column and electronic control system.

2.There will be Chinese/English operation instruction displayed on the touching screen for operation convenience.

3. Screw conveyor machine can be added for the realization of automatic feeding process.

4. The packing machine is fully automatic, very convenient.

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