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BSGP big bag granule packing machine


BSGP big bag granule packing machine is our hot selling packing machine, suitable for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is specially designed to pack some big granules into big bags of 5-25kg, for example, to pack rice and wheat and other grain products into big bags.

Z shape lifting conveyor is a good match for our BSGP packing machine. With it, the granules can be automatically sent to the packing machine.


1. Using new-style producing & control system , together with high precision and high speed related weighing & control instruments , has the advantage of multi-function , high stability and expansibility .

2. The machine is a set of highly electro-mechanical integrated device. Computer control system and imported high-precision weighing sensors are adopted . 

3. Bag grip device is changeable for fitting different bag size. 

BSGP-2 bag packing machine for granules (5-25 kg granule packing machine)

1.Feeding methodfeeding gate and vibrator

2.Measuring method: weighing

3.Packing weight5-25 kg

4.Measurement accuracy:±0.2%

5.Packing speed2~5 bags/minute

6.Power4 KW

7.Overall size: 1200*1000*2300 mm

8.Weight: ~200kg

9.Voltage:380V/220V,50/60Hz,3P or customized


1. The machine design is simple, very easy to install.

2. As semi-automatic packing machine, it is very cost-saving.

3. With English working guide on the PLC screen, the machine is very easy to operate.

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